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About Ugail Foundation

Established in 2019, Ugail Foundation is dedicated in empowering people and creating better futures - especially for the peoples of the Maldives. The fundamental aim of establishing this foundation is to bring together much of the community and philanthropic work which Professor Ugail has been personally undertaking for the last two decades. Ugail Foundation, at present, carries out essential social work in four key areas, namely, education and training, life skills development, community awareness through science and technology and human capital development.



Our Mission

Our Mission is to positively empower people to let them realise their true potential and to let them establish the path to a brighter future ahead.



How We Work

Ugail Foundation works for the betterment of people. We believe in the development of creative minds through knowledge and clear thinking. We believe in enhancing lives through the utilisation of modern science and technology. In order to achieve our strategic aims, we run awareness programmes, lecture series, mentorship programmes and fellowship programmes. We work closely with individuals as well as key stakeholders. Our services are particularly geared for the less well-off and often disadvantaged sections of communities.



Contact Us

Ugail Foundation

3rd Floor, Lot No 10008, Hulhumale, Maldives.

Tel: (960) 7871716


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